Digital Innovation: A Prerequisite for Long Term Global Success

At Technologies Capital we help our corporate partners navigate through the daunting complexities associated with discovering and implementing new technologies that add value to their existing business activities.


Our Transformation Imperatives address the problems associated with Technological Fragmentation and leverage our current and future technology investments and partnerships by giving our corporate partners unprecedented access to new innovations that are relevant to their industries and key business lines. This enables them to have that priceless knowledge when it comes to defining and adjusting their long-term strategies.



Why Choose us?

  • Strategic Partnerships and Deal Flow

    Rather than build innovation from the inside, some of our corporate clients partner with and/or acquire successful startups and growth companies. These types of acquisitions cater to the corporation’s internal strategy while helping the technology company scale further.

  • Technology Investment

    Technologies Capital’s deep expertise and network allows Corporations to invest among the startup ecosystem, with both small investments for early-stage startups and larger amounts of corporate funding that yield market data and create opportunities for follow-on investments.

  • Strategic Technology Partnership

    Technologies Capital has a specialty in designing bespoke programs for our Corporate partners with third-party accelerators to provide sponsorship and/or funding in exchange for access to startups and integration opportunities. Our network of third-party accelerator programs can easily be tailored to suit a corporate’s specific industry needs.

  • Technology Education / University Partnership

    Technologies Capital has deep relationships with global educational institutions. Through an educational partnership, our corporate partners can tap into new university graduates, early-stage projects and highly specialized technical research that can be extremely important for enhancing a corporation’s existing R&D department.

  • Open Innovation

    Our corporate partners have the option of hosting select startups and technology companies in their respective offices and “incubate” them with funding and corporate support. Our Open Innovation Hackathons and Demo Days have been crucial in identifying new innovations that are relevant to a specific corporation’s business.

Through our Corporate Innovation strategies, Technologies Capital provides our corporate partners with the necessary tools needed to implement a future-proof digital strategy that will consistently be adding value by being at the forefront of future innovation.


Strategic “deal flow” – Access to new and innovative ideas that relate to corporate core business, or emerging business. Greater insight into competitor focus.

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