Companies today are facing an existential threat.

Technologies Capital is a unique hybrid Venture Capital firm that is pioneering the way Corporations think about digital transformation. Our main focus is Artificial Intelligence and our globally scalable technology investments make up the core of any corporate innovation program that capitalizes on the drivers of change within, and across, key business activities.

Technologies Capital allows companies to focus their transformation efforts on the newest technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence, so that they can have the greatest organizational impact (organic growth, reduced operating expenses, innovative R&D)

The underlying motivation for any technological transformation must be to create strong and sustainable value for the institution and its key stakeholders.

Our organic ecosystem of proven innovative technology investments, coupled with our deep industry experts, make up the core of our bespoke corporate digital transformation initiatives that are guaranteed to drive top line growth for our corporate partners.

Our investment companies further benefit from these global sales channels while simultaneously generating consistently strong returns for our investors.

Digitization and globalization are blurring the lines between sectors as well as between traditional competitor groups. Technology is changing consumer behavior, empowering start-ups, making pricing more transparent, and reducing product life cycles


As a result, the traditional sources of competitive advantage—market position, scale, or legacy—are diminishing, and established operating models are becoming obsolete. That leads to greater volatility within industries, creating a churn effect in which the dominant player is increasingly overtaken by more nimble companies with stronger business models.

Global markets now demand a fully digital enterprise where digital is at the CORE of an enterprise. However, Technological fragmentation simply creates too many choices that achieve similar goals, in a global marketplace that has become increasingly saturated and competitive.



The Transformation Imperative

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